Codes & Zoning


The Codes and Zoning Department handles:

  • Building and Zoning permits
  • Subdivision/Land Development Applications
  • Conditional Use Applications
  • Zoning Hearing Board Applications
  • Zoning Violations

Building Code Official

Approved Code Services will be the primary Building Code Official for North Middleton Township.

North Middleton Township will still receive telephone calls from residents regarding building permits and applications for building permits are available at the Municipal Building or on the Township's website. If a question cannot be answered by staff, you will be directed to contact Approved Code Services by email or via telephone at 717.506.0464.

Residents are encouraged to go to Approved Code Services website to view Checklists and Guides, which may be helpful when applying for a building permit.

Residents who are in need of a Zoning Permit should contact the Township at 717-243-8550, Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm.