Stormwater Utility & Municipal Storm Sewers

Utility Fee

North Middleton Township will be mailing out bills associated with the stormwater utility fee in the months of February and August.

The stormwater fee is a flat rate of $24.00 per quarter to be billed twice a year (for a total of $96.00 per year).

Credit Program

The North Middleton Township Supervisors approved a credit program for non-residential properties to allow credits of up to 50% of the stormwater fee for basins, vegetated swales, and other stormwater structures that have been installed on a property.

Residential properties/units and agricultural properties are billed a flat fee and do not qualify for any credits. 

For a complete description of the credit program, please refer to the North Middleton Township Stormwater Utility Credit Manual (PDF).

Appeals Process

The NMT Supervisors have set up an appeals process where any property owner can dispute the calculation or determination of a property's stormwater fee or credit. Please refer to the Stormwater Utility Credit Manual (PDF) for a more complete description of the appeals process. As detailed in the Stormwater Utility Ordinance 2020-10 (PDF), no fee will be required for an administrative appeal. An example of an administrative appeal is when a non-residential property owner believes that the ERU calculation for a property is incorrect and requests a revision. Any property owner who is not satisfied with the result of the administrative appeal process may appeal to the North Middleton Township Supervisors. The application fee for an appeal to the Board of Supervisors is $500.00.

Why the Fee?

The stormwater service fee was established by the Stormwater Utility Ordinance 2020-01 (PDF), as part of the creation of a Stormwater Utility for the Township. The township is required to meet the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit obligations imposed by the state upon North Middleton Township's stormwater conveyance and collection system. The Stormwater Utility will utilize funds collected by the stormwater service fee to finance capital projects to enhance the Township's stormwater system and waterways, monitor water quality discharging to the Township's streams, and meet additional state and federal MS4 requirements.

Residents who have questions regarding the stormwater utility fee can email our office.